Retrouvez ici tous mes échanges avec les artistes qui me tiennent à coeur, disponibles aussi sur la page des Archives et YouTube.

VEXED negative energy napalm records Andy ford culling culture one standing webzine interview
interview audio ghost iris Denmark metalcore comatose apple of discord long branch records
Ghost Iris
interview bornside groupe lyon taking the hood EP light rain dick moves pizza pop punk noiser line
the raven age band UK 2022
The Raven Age
spiritbox eternal blue rise records pale chord music promo 2021
out of my eyes goldon album metalcore france band
Out Of My Eyes
sailing before the wind remaining founder bitoku tokyo japan metalcore
Sailing Before The Wind
purrs groupe rhythm + ethics EP
loren israel music industry exec interview one standing webzine
Loren Israel
year over year promo canada indie emo
year over year